Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Family and Friends,

This week has been another week. A lot of hard work finding new people. We had a man find us. His name is Murat Shanallari from a place called Skrapari in the South of Albania. When he was in Elbasan as a student he met up with missionaries there and learned with them for quite sometime about 8 years ago. He remembers an Elder Lee who was also a U.S. Marine. Murat invited us to his home and we met there with the help of member Shëptim Shkuka. He accepted a baptismal date and we will be taking him to family home evening with our bishop's family tonight.

Today for P-Day we climbed a hill to the south of Tirana with Elders Asler, Szabo, Wright, Braden, and Sisters White and Cheshire. We wanted to go see some old communist bunkers. We hiked quite a while and had a look at some great tunnels. We found a friend named Bardhi (The White) Qërshori (June) and he guided us through the mountain and tunnels. Who knew that a mountain-dwelling villager uses Facebook.

We have another investigator named Papi. Just about every single lesson that we have had has been a very great spiritual experience. We go and visit his mini office max share some very spiritually guided lessons. We have been helping Papi develop faith that God exists and loves us. We taught the Plan of Salvation in great detail. I know that both Elder Greener and I have been guided to change our plans and teach according to his needs. We could have 3 times stuck to the 'plan' that we made but I know that we have been guided meet this man's needs.

Thank you very much for your letters of support and encouragement. The other Elder Acheson (Le Petit Elder Acheson in Lyon, France) is going to have a birthday tomorrow and if you have a moment to drop a quick birthday line his email is 

With much love,

Elder Açësoni I

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