Monday, April 20, 2015


Elder Acheson, Elder Greener, and Iljaz on his birthday on top of a tower over looking his estate 
Family and Friends,

I am sorry for the week delay. I did not have an opportunity to write last week. I was attending a birthday party for a friend of a member. He was gracious enough to have us at his estate at Rrushkull. He is involved in various business practices and is economically set. The majority of his property is a private zoo. So as part of his birthday surprise some of his friends, namely Sister Xheka from the Durrës ward, purchased for him all of the animals from the Vlorë City Zoo. We had additionally a fantastic dinner. 
The first van containing the ex-Vlorë zoo

Some wild pigs on Iljaz's estate

Elder Greener and I had a good week. We have put in a lot of hard finding hours. We, on Wednesday, had some of our investigators, the Pepaj Family, teach us how to prepare a great chicken dinner. Mirash, the husband worked at the Mill Floor restaurant in Rancho Santa near San Diego. Apparently it is one of the top 25 restaurants in America. All I can say is that I know that the food that he prepared was absolutely amazing. We had a great lesson with them with the help of a member named Xhesi Lakaj, they have very similar stories in regard to their time in the States.

I am very happy to be back in Tirana. I am loving Tirana 4th Ward. The district we have is solid. It is a treat to be able to serve with them and to work with them. Elder Greener is also a very hard worker and I am pleased to be with him. Bishop Beleshi and his family are fantastic. I am also very pleased with our ward mission leader Brother Lezo. He is very proactive in his calling and rather supportive and willing to give his effort in all places where he can.

I know that this will be a great period of my mission. I intend on riding this out to the end well. I am excited to do everything possible to be a good missionary and help others to do so as well. Thank you for your support.

Elder Açësoni

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