Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Elder Matson and  Elder Acheson
Family and Friends,

I have been rather sick this week. I do not have a lot to report unfortunately aside a lot of listening to talks and eating not-vomit inducing foods.

Elder Matson was admirably able to coordinate a number of splits to enable him to teach a new and great investigator named Eni. He is a 19 year-old and has an apparent desire to learn about the gospel. I am excited to work him more when I am in better physical condition. 

I love you all and I know that this work is the Lord's work and that He attends to it even when His servants are weak and unable to.


Elder Açësoni

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This is Elder Acheson's mom.  Because Chase didn't write much this week, I thought I would include a part of Elder Matson's letter home.  He says some very kind things about Elder Acheson.

The most exciting thing that happened this last week was that Elder Acheson got sick.... so sick that I have been inside a lot with him.  He is getting better but it is still hard for him.  We have much in common music-wise and our will to work is aligned, just nature and Satan are not wanting us to do that!  We have been able to punch him in the face a few times with 1 new baptismal date as well and some awesome investigators.  We need to continue to find those that are prepared so hopefully this week we can do that. It is so much better finding those who are prepared for the Lord.  Our sister missionaries that serve here are leaving next Tuesday so it has been kinda funny seeing how they are coping and still working hard til the end.

I have studied a ton about the Atonement recently and it has been very enlightening and spiritual understanding more about it and how it works out our salvation and those that are around us! XD  Elder Acheson has gone to the "fiery" place and back while being sick and it has been hard for him but he has really been a big help for me and a strength.  I am so thankful for him and what he has been doing for me and Fier.  With transfers coming up, my next email will be crazy probably! XD

Well I love you all!
Elder Ben Matson

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