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March 2, 2015
Eating Goat Brains

Family and Friends,

This week began off with a surprise mini transfer. President Weidmann decided last minute that Elder Eddings needed to go to Durrës. In his place I got Elder Matson from Huntsville, Alabama. I am excited to be with him in Fier and I believe that we will be able to get good work done here.

This week has been a week full of finding and working with members in the branch. On Saturday we played soccer with some of the members and that was a blast of fun. We had some older members join in, not only the youth. 

Sunday was excellent. It was Fast Sunday and the testimonies that were given were powerful and touching. The man who was supposed to give the closing prayer got up ten minutes until the hour, without being announced nor having any form of indication that he should do so. He gave the prayer and the branch presidency awkwardly played off of it and ended the meetings.

I was asked to teach Priesthood and we talked about enduring life well in times of trials (the 4th Chapter from the President Benson book). We watched a video from the online Ezra Taft Benson exhibit. We talked about the Saints with whom he worked during World War II were supported through hard times. We also watched the Refiner's Fire Mormon Message. I really felt that the lesson was guided by the Spirit and that some were very touched

Ok, I am sending this email on Tuesday, the reason why is because my P-Day was completely crazy. Both Elder Wright, my district leader, and I had medical appointments and interviews with President Weidmann. We, thank you to our wonderful sisters, had a car that enabled our travels. I went to the hospital and gave blood and then we went off to have interviews with President Weidmann. After we had lunch at Era, one of my favorite restaurants in Tirana. 

Then Elder Wright was supposed to have a medical appointment at the ABC clinic but someone had to park right behind our car. We were able to reschedule the appointment and then the guy moved his car. That gave us time to got to my tailor and get my measurements taken for my suit and pick up my Jesus Christ bust made by brother Arben Vogli. Elder Wright made it to his clinic appointment and we took care of our office work and got on the road. Last night was Elder Wright's first time driving in Albania and he did very well. 

We got back safely and had a great P-Day together.

I love you all and I will make sure pictures make it out on the blog.


Elder Açësoni i Madhërishëm

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