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Family and Friends,

Elder Acheson with the bust of Jesus Christ given to him by Brother Arben Vogli

Hello from Fier, Albania! This has been a fun filled week! I ask for an apology; last Monday I was unavailable to send out the weekly email because I had blood tests in Tirana. I am clear of any problems which is fantastic news! I wasn't able to write because that day was too full of traveling.

This week Elder Matson and I, along with the rest of Fier district, restarted the English course. We are taking the mesatar or intermediate course. I prefer teaching advanced but the sisters only have three weeks left on their missions and they haven’t taught advanced.

On Thursday we had zone training in Vlorë. Elder Matson and I rode with the Berat elders, Elder Lee and Elder Muncy. After the training the Berat Elders and Fier District had lunch at our “3rd House” in Fier, a very good restaurant that we call “3rd House.” It was nice to see Elder Lee now that he is in the closing weeks of his mission. I am excited for him and for all of the things he has done here in Albania over the period of his mission.

On Saturday morning we had soccer with the youth and it was a lot of fun. I am just really the Branch Soccer Photographer. I enjoy seeing all of the younger guys play while I sit with the branch xhaxhis or old men. I am definitely express-bound for the high priest group.

We had the second Tirana, Albania Stake Conference this weekend. The Saturday Adult Session was supposed to be broadcast to our building but we had so many technical difficulties that we ended up watching “Finding Faith in Christ” after singing some hymns. Elder Wright did a fantastic job in adapting to the circumstances. He is a fantastic district leader.

On Sunday the Fier Branch gathered in the center of the city and we grabbed a chartered bus and went to Durrës where the Western Albania session was to take place. I saw many people with whom I have worked for the past year and a half. I was so happy to see so many people whom I had influenced and who had influenced me. I saw people like Elder Trazhgim Gosturani who is being trained by my former companion Elder Richards (few times have I been more jealous of someone’s companionship before in my mission); Besa Alla, whom I taught in Durrës but ran into in Gjakova, Kosovo who is now baptized; Aida Baça, who was baptized when I was in Durrës who has submitted her mission papers, Ani Cani, who is entering missionary service in 3 weeks’ time, Armando Simoni, who will soon be entering the field, and so many others. One family in Durrës, the Cenollari Family, has a grandmother, with whom I worked last year and through the recent efforts of my current companion Elder Matson, is now on a baptismal date.

Elder Acheson with Elder (Trazhgim) Gosturani, Rigers Dallxhiu, and Armando Simoni at Stake Conference

Aside from the spiritual uplift of seeing the growth of people whom I love, the talks given were stupendous. Sister Arjeta Braha, a mini-missionary with whom I worked in Elbasan 14 months ago, gave a testimony about how the she had become a better person by attending Seminary and Institute. To see her growth alone was fantastic.  The other talks especially from President Mema were fantastic.

For P-Day we headed down to Vlorë to a place called Zvërnec. There was a beautiful orthodox monastery on an island. The only problem was that the bridge that led to the monastery was broken. We walked out on the bridge only to find the last 30 yards were missing. Undeterred we headed over to a beautiful beach and walked on the sand and enjoyed a beautiful morning on the beach.

Well I love you all. I hope that this week will yield for each one of you a manifestation of the love that God has for you. I love Him and I love you all.

Elder Açësoni i Madhërishëm

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