Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Family and Friends,

Hello from rainy Fier! I hope your Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been great!

This week I have been slightly under the weather but that provided a great opportunity to take care of some other important missionary work. My companion Elder Eddings is what we may humbly call a computer wizard. The assistants to the president asked him a while back to create an Albanian version of the “Because of Him” video put out by the Church. While I was sick he had an opportunity to rip apart the English version and put in the Albanian translation that I made.

The video looks great and provides Albanian speakers a great opportunity to see Christ in a new light. I will try to provide a link to it but if that does not work and anybody would like a copy of this Oscar-winning rendition, shoot me an email.

Fier, unlike Tirana, does not have as many restaurants or general food establishments and has a handful of “missionary restaurants.” I am not a huge fan of the Fier missionary restaurants and so Elder Eddings and I have tried to cook more inside of the house.  We have successfully tried a couple variations of pasta, rice, and fried vegetables. In Albanian, the produce is generally very good. We usually have a great selection of peppers, onions, tomatoes, and produce in general.

Now, the crux of the matter is that the hands that are preparing our meals (Elder Acheson’s) are relatively unschooled. I have picked up a couple of things from members here and feel that I can cook fairly well, though fairly simple. Now if there are any wiser and more experienced hands that care to share some simple recipes with this simple chef, it would be greatly appreciated.

I love you all and I do pray for you. Be mindful for the sick in spirit and in mind. There are those who stand in need for miracles here and at home. Please look for ways to serve and pray for those around you. I can promise that if we turn out in our outlook, God will help you.

I love you,

Elder Açësoni i Madhërishëm

P.S. Make sure you check Le Petit Elder Acheson’s blog racetolyon.blogspot.com

P.P.S. Link to Për Shkak të Tij “Because of Him [Albanian Version]”

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