Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Elder Acheson and the little church cat "Alexa"
Family and Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving Week from Tirana!

On Tuesday evening we took the Weidmanns to Sulejman’s home and we had a beautiful evening with them, the Muça Family, and Brother Cara – the member who introduced Sulejman to the Church. We taught a wonderful lesson on the Restoration of the Church and the Weidmanns gave powerful testimony.
At the home of Bishop and Sister Zela
The Weidmanns dropped us off after our lesson to have a lesson with Alushi family: a family whom I loved most dearly when I was in 3rd Ward last year. They are preparing to go to the temple and Bishop Zela asked us to teach them temple preparation lessons.

After that lesson while we were walking home it began raining, blowing, and hailing. It came down so powerfully that the streets filled with water and our umbrellas and coats could not stop the water, our shoes and suits were completely soaked through. We did sit on our balcony when we got home in towels and watched the rain soak and lightening bombard the city.

Then on Wednesday we went and helped Alfred Abdullari by cutting wood for him. Afterwards Elder Richards cooked French onion soup for him and his mother for lunch. Later that evening we and the sisters went and spent a part of the evening with Bishop and Sister Zela.  

On Thursday we began our advanced English course for investigators. Elder Richards does not like teaching English and so we have worked out a system where I teach the English and he is the ”eye candy” along with giving the spiritual portion of the lesson. The course we are giving is focusing on rhetoric and writing and speaking persuasively.    

Then on Friday we had our ward correlation meeting. At the beginning a little black kitten walked in. She was a playful little thing. While one companionship discussed their area the other was playing with the little kitten. As it turns out she belongs to our building’s landlord and it lives at the church, so now we have a church kitten, her name is Alexa.

Elder Richards and I have recently constructed a fire pit on top of our apartment’s roof. It is an excellent way to end a long day. Elder Richards and I have thoroughly kënaqed. I am very happy to serve with Elder Richards.

We and the Sisters visited Iris where lives the best tre leche

Today for p-day we played American football and had ourselves a Turkey Bowl with the missionaries here in Tirana. Then to make this day more American, we ate Mexican food with the assistants. 

I love you all and I hope you are having excellent weeks.


Elder Açësoni

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