Monday, November 3, 2014


Monday, November 3, 2014
The Pirate Elder and friend

Family and Friends,

Happy Halloween from Tirana! We had a great Halloween here and I hope you enjoyed yours.

Our Ward had a Halloween Party and the missionaries provided activities and offered a spiritual thought. Elder Richards and I operated the "Guess what body part this is" game where we prepared pasta, carrots, olives, and califlower and that were intestines, fingers, eyes, and a brain. We had a sheet and had the kids put their hands in and guess what they were touching. It was very fun.

We had a powerful lesson after church with our investigator Suleman and the Elder's Quorum President Arben Vogli. Brother Vogli is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ. This is the sculpter in 3rd Ward that carves busts of Jesus Christ. He was able to bear powerful testimony of the reality of personal revelation. 

For P-Day Elder Richards and I went to the Artificial Lake in Tirana and then to the Zoological Park. Just a traveling hint, if you are an animal person, do not go to the Tirana Zoo. 

I love you all and we talk next week!

-Elder Açësoni

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