Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 17 in Tirana, Albania (Continued from Last Year including Last Week)

Elder Acheson and a find at a used clothes bazaar on P-Day
Family and Friends,
Hello again from rainy Tirona! I have returned to my 3rd Ward home in Albania. I am in a different home from where I started with a beautiful view of the city. I am with Elder Richards of my group.

Last week I sprained my ankle while walking in the road in Tirana and was confined to 10 days of being the Assistant to the Assistants to the President and the The Office Elder. Despite being on crutches and being unable to greatly participate in teaching or finding, I had a good time being confined. I was able to be of help to the Andrews and White couples in the office. The Andrews are ending their mission soon and the Whites have been reassigned to work in the office. I was able to be the  young technical help and moral support. I additionally was able to assist in the changing out of the mission office computers. In doing so I be came acquainted with Michael from Germany, the Church's tech that came to facilitate the change. I was able to show him around and take him to an Albanian style dinner.

I am now back in 3rd Ward and am 100% again. I am excited to work and to find those ready to learn. 
Elder Sadiku on our roof looking at the Kryeteqe - the Headquarters of the Bektashi Sect of Islam

Elder Richards and I have been joined by Elder Dorian Sadiku and we are now a tri-companionship. I am excited to work with both of my companions and accomplish what the Lord expepts from us.


Elder Açësoni

The view from my new home

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