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Monday September 29, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Elder Bilodeau who just completed his mission

The Elders of Gjakova, Kosovo

Street contacting 
Family and Friends,

Hello for the last time from Gjakova! I have received my transfer call
to Tirana 3rd Ward. I am returning to my home! I get to serve with
Elder Richards from my group and we are co-senioring and I am very
excited to be with him.

I am very sad to leave Gjakova. There are many wonderful things about
Kosovo and living here. The work is difficult here proves your metal.
There are many aspects that make life in Kosovo different. People have
a greater understanding of belief and what devotion means but then
again, most people are faithful Muslims. I have really grown to love
what Islam is. Though I have a testimony of Jesus Christ, His
Generation, and His Atonement, this doesn't mean I can't love Islam. There are those that abuse Islam and make of it what they want just as there are those who twist Christianity into something that it is not.
Those who use the Qur'an to justify murder are no more Muslim than those who use the Bible to justify bigotry are Christian.

I love the members and investigators and non-members here. In Gjakova you get close with the membership and you get to know them intimately.
You learn to accept yourself as you accept them. I love Gjakovars and
Kosovars in general. I love this Church. I know that it is the true

I have loved serving with Elder Schramm.

I have enjoyed everyday with
him. He has this great ability to make you feel at ease around him. I love talking to him and learning his interesting insights on many diverse topics of discussion. I love Elder Schramm and I am glad that I will be able to see him again.

I love you all and I will write to you tomorrow from Albania,


Elder Aqësoni

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