Monday, September 22, 2014


Family and Friends

Hello from rainy, sunny, foggy, burning Gjakova. This week has shown us some very thick fog in the mornings and some very great rain storms which cause rivers to run in the roads. 
The weather has been rather violently indecisive here.

Our big piece of news is that Elder Harvey was moved down to Elbasan last Monday and we now have Elder Dorian Sadiku with us. He is an Albanian mini-missionary from Elbasan with whom I would work in Elbasan. He is 18 years old and has received his call to serve as a missionary in the Adriatic South Mission, our mission. He begins sometime within the next couple of months and we are excited to have him join our ranks.

This week was accented by the finding of a new investigator named Nori. We were standing outside of the Church we waved to him as he passed on his bicycle and he turned around and came to speak to us. He speaks 5 languages fluently: English, German, Italian, Turkish, and Albanian including their various dialects. We had a fun conversation about how the Scottish people speak compared to Americans, the apt comparison between Northern Gheg Albanian and South Tosk Albanian was drawn.

Nori joined us in church on Sunday and he had the opportunity to speak to our mission president, President Wiedmann in the Swish dialect of German.  I had the honor of translating both President and Sister Weidmann's sacrament addresses. I surely felt the spirit of their talks and I know that the members were able to as well. Elder Schramm prepared a beautiful Sunday School lesson and I gave an on-the-fly Priesthood lesson (the teacher did not show up).
I have particularly felt tangible blessings this week. I know that the things we have been doing this week have been directed according to the dictates of the Holy Ghost. I have really felt that this week and I know that Elder Schramm would concur.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I pray that we all can have the opportunity to draw nearer unto God this week. My brother Race, soon to be Elder Acheson in France received his endowment on my mother's birthday on the 17th. I am so excited for my brother and I know that he will be a fantastic missionary.

Love to all,

Elder Aqësoni

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