Monday, August 11, 2014


Monday August 11th

Family and Friends,
Elders Acheson and Elder Schramm

Hello from Gjakova!

This week has been packed with many activities and events. On Tuesday we headed to Prishtina for Zone Training. There we met with our missionaries from Kosovo and Macedonia. We drove up there with the Tooleys and Elders Harvey and Gray. We received a wonderful training from Elders Price and Clawson. Some wonderful ideas were presented which we have tried to apply in our work this week. Elder Schramm and I desired to return to Gjakova because we wanted to return to our work. We had lunch at our local Viva Fresh.

The next morning we woke up and found that Elder Schramm had gotten a bad cold. Unfortunately we were not able to go out of the house. Fortunately I have a large collection of Hugh Nibley mp3 files. A day that could have been spent in sloth and boredom was spent in mental enriching and figurative mind blowing. I have developed a great love for Brother Nibley’s works.
Mirlind and Mirlinda (twins) Demaj making funny faces with Elder Aqësoni's face

The next day, Thursday, it was my turn to experience an unfortunate turn of health. I woke up and felt sharp pain in my top right molars. I knew that I needed to go to a dentist that day and as soon as possible. I got a hold of an appointment and the dentist explained that my back right molar had need or a root canal. He performed the first phase and we set an appointment for this upcoming Saturday for phase two. He told me that in spite of the molar issue, my teeth were surprisingly beautiful. I believe I may have been his first American.

On Friday we began the implementation of one of the finding ideas that we received from Zone Training. We created and began distributing fliers for a “Stop Smoking” Class. Elder Schramm had a brilliant idea, to go to the pharmacies and ask them to place our fliers on display for their customers and to offer them to people who asked for help to stop smoking. I hope that this might lead to something amazing. An aspect of the program we use is essentially these people become “golden investigators.”
Elders Harvey, Gray, Acheson and Schramm at the gate of the Monastery

We had the great opportunity to return to Fort Bondsteel on Sunday to share sacrament meeting with the soldiers. We set apart a new group leader there and I am very excited for the things that will happen there now. I love going over there and I love the spirit of the soldiers.

Today, for P-Day, we went to a Serbian Monastery near a city called Deçan. The land upon with the Monastery stood is Serbian land within Kosovo. It is a piece of Serbia that KFOR left for the Serbs. It is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was very cool to go there and learn a bit more about the Serbs and see a positive side instead of the typical things which we are told.

I love you all and I thank you, those who send a short message every once and a while. I love those letters.

Elder Aqësoni 

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