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August 17, 2014

Family and Friends,

Hello from Gjakova! But the biggest news comes from the US: my brother Race just got his mission call to the Lyon, France Mission!
The newest Elder Acheson and little sister Grace
He will be entering the MTC learning French December 17, 2014. I am so excited for my brother to be in France! I saw the video of him opening up his mission call and he first read Adriatic South Mission… I was genuinely excited and surprised for 3 three seconds and then… well, he may need to speak to his Bishop to working on his lying problem before he leaves. It’s a good thing he has 4 months to repent.

This Saturday I had Part II of my Gjakovar root canal. I am pleased to say that I emerged from under the drill successfully. I don’t suggest coming to Gjakova, Kosovo only for the purpose of getting a root canal but if you are stuck there and need a quick fix, ask the missionaries where to go.

QB of the Gjakova Branch
For our Branch’s activity this week, we taught the members how to play real American Football (we just played the Ultimate version). It was a great opportunity to relax with the members and a couple investigators. We also were able to share Sister Tooley’s wonderful whipping cream topped cake.

For P-Day today we made Samun Suxhuk, a Gjakovar specialty. What you do is you first go to a butcher and buy the suxhuk (or sausage) and then you get some eggs and spreadable cheese.
Then you go to a special bakery and they put all of the ingredients together and they produce a Samun Suxhuk, or as Elder Harvey described “The best thing your taste buds will experience.” I would like to add my resounding concurrence to that statement.

Another wonderful and beautiful piece of news happened on Saturday evening. My dear friend Elder Baker brought the rest of his district to our building and we had the honor of watching his father be baptized.
Elders Aqësoni and Baker directly after Elder Baker's Father's Baptism
President Weidmann gave him permission to watch the baptism on Skype. It was a beautiful reminder of the blessings that come from honorable missionary service. His father has met with missionaries for many times throughout the years. It just took his son’s service to bring to pass those extra spiritual pushes that finally lead to that wonderful gateway event.
Elder Aqësoni and his hair stylist Delila Duraku (5)--supervised by Sister Tooley

Getting pretty

I know that those who follow the commandment, keep their rules, and are faithful to their covenants are blessed beyond measure. I saw a miracle this week for which I may not speak. But I can share my witness that God cares for and ensures that his children are protected even in the dark.

I love you all and pray that you have an excellent week.


Elder Aqësoni

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