Monday, July 28, 2014


Family and Friends,

Hello again from hot Gjakova!

The first piece of news I have is that there has been a mini-transfer and Elder Anderson will be transferred tomorrow morning to Shkodër in Albania and I will be receiving Elder Schramm in his place. I am sorry to see Elder Anderson go; we only spent a month together. It has been a great learning experience to be with Elder Anderson. He has taught me many things about what it means to be disciplined, hard-working missionary.

I had a very fun experience this week. I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Price, my former companion from when I was in Elbasan.
The Elbasan District reunited with Elder Price, the Tooleys and Elder Acheson

Elder Acheson and Elder Price buying 50 cent wristbands from some entrepreneurial children in Prishtina

He is the North Zone Leader and he had an exchange with me in his zone leader function. He and I taught together and found in Prishtina and it was a lot of fun! It was as though we had never parted, we chatted and it was wonderful. He has grown greatly from the time I was last with him.

Together we found some people along the Boulevard in Prishtina and ate Thai food with Elders Watson (I served with him in Durrës) and his companion Elder Bangeter (who went to the high school of Elder Gunther, an elder from my group for whom it is hoped that he will return from his medical leave). The food was great especially in comparison to Gjakova food. We also taught a man, who was baptized in Elbasan but moved to Prishtina and ran into Elder Price on the road. The man is a member and his wife is now taking the lessons and it is just one of those things where people were in the right place and the right moment doing the right thing. It was wonderful. I really missed Elder Price and I was very glad to have a day back with him.

Then on Friday, President Weidmann, Sister Weidmann, and the Assistants Elders Roberts and Davis came and visited us in our apartment. They did a brief inspection but spent most of their time getting to know us, introducing themselves more thoroughly and testifying. It was a great opportunity to have someone come to our home and testify.  

I had a doing "the right thing in the right place" experience this week in addition. I was leaving the home of a new investigator and someone from behind us yelled at us. Instead of a crazy old lady, it was the mother of a girl I taught in Durrës in Albania. Besa Alla’s mother ran up and greeted us.
Elder Acheson and Besa Alla from Durrës
She said that she and Besa were in Gjakova for a wedding and that Besa had time the next day to meet. As it turned out, Besa was supposed to have been baptized the previous Saturday but some complications took place. I communicated with the missionaries now teaching her in Durrës and they encouraged me to put the fire back in her desire to be baptized, being her first missionary and all. We met with her and she renewed her date to next Saturday. I hope that it all works well for her back in Durrës.

Well I love you all and I know that this work is the true and right work of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is one God, whom we worship. It is through His son we can reach our potential in fulfilling our worship of the Father.


Elder Aqësoni
(I changed the ç to a q to sound more Albanian, the change isn’t noticeable in English)

A notice in our elevator that made me laugh. Translation follows:


Honored inhabitants.

We notify you that throughout this week the distribution of the cards and the activation of the card system will take place.

After the activation of the cards the elevator will only be used with cards

Hey animal! Don’t spit on the floor and don’t touch [the mirror] with your hand.

Keep the cleanliness
Respect the Rules

With respect,

Hymeri Kleemann
(Elevator Company)

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