Monday, July 21, 2014


Family and Friends,

Hello from hot Gjakova!

Elders Acheson and Anderson in Gjakova, Kosovo
This week we have focused on finding new investigators this week. Elder Anderson and I have spent a deal of time speaking to people in the road. That has been one of the more effective means of finding new people here in Gjakova. Along with that we have been working hard to speak to everyone with whom we come into contact.

Because the Gjakova Branch is very small, the missionaries are still heavily involved in the running and administrating of the Branch. That also means that we are involved in the activity end of things as well. This weeks activity was playing basketball at a nearby basketball court.
P-day with the Gjakova Elders and the neighborhood kids
Because of a mix-up in location, it ended up being the missionaries with a couple of members playing basketball against all of the neighborhood kids in a section of the city while the Tooleys took pictures. It was very fun to play and interact freely with the kids in a non-typical way. The interaction they had with us was more of an exposure than regular street contacting.

For today's P-Day activity we as a district went out to a nearby village of Gjakova. On the way we encountered a field filled with the 500 graves of men from the surrounding villages.
The graves of 500 men killed on the same day
These men are the testament of war crimes committed during the Serbian invasion. The commandant of the Serbian brigade occupying that part of the area was killed. As a result, the commandant's wife instructed her husbands soldiers to round up all males ages 12 and up and line them up along the road where she proceeded to shoot them one by one.

Albania and Kosovo Flags
All of these things testify to me the powerful need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this land. We have found and are teaching the first man to welcome NATO soldiers into Gjakova. Agim, covered in the marks of Serbian cigars and boots, bears more than the physical scars of the war. Luckily for him and for all here and wherever there are problems such as these, the Atonement of Jesus Christ has been provided to clear us of physical, emotional, spiritual, and any other type of scars. Christ is able to provide healing. All we need do is let him and and accept his path.

I love you all. Know that we are safe and that the will of God is being accomplished here. God does not forget His Children. They are being taken care of.


Elder Açësoni
Elder Acheson is lucky to be serving with the Tooleys

Elder and Motra Tooley from Price, Utah
New convert Jasemin with Elder Acheson and the cute girls of Kosovo

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