Monday, June 9, 2014


Family and Friends,

Hello from Durrës!

This has been a slower week. Both Elder Ašler and I were sick this week and couldn't do much towards the end of the week.
Teaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ by the Adriatic Sea

But during that time we were limited to our home I have had some wonderful enlightenment. I have grown very much to love and admire the teachings of Elder Bruce R. McConkie. I have access to audio recordings of several talks he gave at Brigham Young University. I feel that the heavens have been opened to me in part and that my understanding, particularly to the importance of temple marriage, has been strengthened.

Our apartment elevator broke. We live on the 10th floor.
A special opportunity we had this Sunday was to join in a regional stake conference held in Bern, Switzerland where the presiding authority and key speaker was President Utchdorf. The conference was broadcast to our stake here in Albania. We are still working on establishing a proper system in broadcast activities like this. The church building was not equipped with adequate sound instruments and so Elder Ašler generously lent his speakers from the apartment. The broadcast cut out about 20 minutes into the service and I had to improvise with a talk from General Conference. We fortunately were able to listen to the majority of President Utchdorf's talk.

Well I love you and next week have will insure that the week is full of re-portable items of discussion.

I love you and hope the best for you.

Elder Açësoni 

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