Monday, June 23, 2014


Kosovo Map
Family and Friends,

Hello for the last time from Durrës!

I have been assigned to serve in Gjakova, Kosovo with Elder Anderson and will be leaving Durrës tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. Elder Ašler will be remaining in Durrës and will be serving with Elder Linderman from my group. They will be opening up a new area in the southern section of Durrës called Plazh (meaning Beach).

Durrës will be having 4 missionary companionships this next transfer. Elder Ašler and Elder Linderman, and Elders Foster, Gray, and Stewart with their 3 trainees. Elder Clawson is going to Shkodër, Albania with Elder Dahl and Elder Watson will be serving in Prishina, Kosovo with Elder Bangerter.

In Gjakova, Elder Anderson and I will be serving with Elder Harvey and his mini-missionary companion Elder Isufaj, who will be continuing on to his full-time service in England after a month's time. Additionally, I will be serving with Elder and Sister Tooley again! They were moved from Elbasan a couple of months ago and have simply been preparing Gjakova for my arrival. I am very excited to be with them again.

Despite my excitement to go to Kosovo, I am not excited to leave Durrës. I love the people here in Durrës. I love the members. I love our investigators. I love our neighbors. I love the people that I have come to know and my heart truly aches to not have the opportunity to get to know more people better.

We celebrated the end of the transfer going to Missionary Beach together and it was gorgeous.

We will have a better report next week. There was little time with the beach, final meetings and packing to write this week but next I will ensure that all will be described.

Love you all,

Elder Açësoni

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  1. How exciting to think of Chase serving in that exciting region in Southeast Europe. It sounds like his cheerful and outgoing personality are allowing him to shine and build loving relationships with the people. Great work, Chase!