Monday, May 5, 2014


May 5, 2014

Family and Friends,

Another week in Durrës has passed beautifully!

The Durres District
Elder Ašler and I have had a great week. We finished our English course. We had been working on persuasion as a focus in our advanced English. One of the members of the course gave a "speech" as to why I should sing for their class on the last day.
Elder Acheson and Asler
They asked me to sing Michael Bublè for them. I sang some Frank Sinatra for them and said it was Michael, I am not that well versed on Michael's work and seeing as he takes after Frank... I figured that would do fine. They loved it.

Elder Acheson and the Ballallari girls
On Tuesday I recieved a visit from my 3rd Branch (Ward now) mother and sister Motra and Ana Ballallari. They stopped by because Ana was preparing to shoot a commercial and to bring me soup, chicken fileto, and cake. Ah!!! Motra Ballallari is a professional cook and my stomach was professionally pleased. But it was so nice to see them and spend some short time with them.

Our investigator Silva is progressing very well towards her baptism. We meet with her on a frequent basis and she has accepted the commitments we have offered. This week we taught he the 10 Commandment (taught via hand signs) and the Law of Tithing.
Elder Acheson, Ani Cani (member), and Silva Doda (investigator)
She loved both and asked if there were other ways that she could help people. Well the funny thing is that in Albanian, the Relief Society translates into the Helping Society. We are having a lesson with her at a members home this evening coupled with American-Mexican food.

We also had a funny experience finding on Sunday afternoon. We were looking for a family of former investigators. We had their last name and the neighborhood where they lived. We went and asked around for the family and people told us something that was different from what the documents said; we proceeded anyway. We first found a girl outside her home and asked if they had met with missionaries before. She said no and said she had no interest to meet. We asked if there was anyone else with the last name. She directed us to a house two doors down. We went there and they didn't receive the missionaries before either but they welcomed us in. Within 5 minutes, the girl who had sent us away came in and took part in the lesson. The mother of the family and that girl both took the Book of Mormon and promised to read. The girl actually has connections to members of the Church and there is potential.

Well I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!


Elder Açësoni

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