Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014

Family and Friends,

We have had a good full first week of the transfer here in Durrës.

The salute is the Enver Hoxha anti-fascist salute.The sign says "Glory to the Bright and Immortal Action of Comrade Enver Hoxha"

Elder Ašler and I, with Elders Grey and Stewart headed to Fier for Zone Training. There I we received a wonderful training from Elder Palmer and Elder Bilodeau. The training was excellent. We have been asked to focus on inviting people to be baptized in the first lesson. I have personally seen great blessings come from this. We are very fortunate to be serving in a place where people are relatively open-hearted. It was very nice to see my former companions Elders Ostergaard, Price, and Bilodeau. Elder Wagstaff is training again up in Gjakova which is one of the more isolated places of the mission and I unfortunately will not be able to see him for some time.

We additionally are trying to make an effort to work more closely with members. We are fortunate to have access to a couple of prospective missionaries. We are blessed to have these future missionaries because their testimonies are very powerful in touching the hearts of investigators.

Making the best French toast EVER for preparation day with Elders Stewart, Grey and Asler!
We have had a great time getting the new missionaries familiarized with the Ward. We stopped by the Pjetri Family together as a district on Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful lesson with them. I love being with our district. We had a French toast and Risk party this morning for P-Day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself; winning helps.

Elder  Ašler and I have another excited week ahead of us and we are excited to dig in and work!

With great love,

Elder Acheson wins in a preparation day Risk game.  (Its not the 1st time he's dominated the world.)
Elder Açësoni

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  1. God bless and continue serving God. Thanks for sharing this. TheFamily