Thursday, April 10, 2014


Sister Ford, Elder Acheson, Elder Asler, President Ford

April 7, 2014

Family and Friends,

An exciting time in Durrës!
New companions meeting

I and my new companion, Elder Daniel Ašler (A"sh"ler), have had an excellent time thus far together. Elder Ašler is from Zagreb, Croatia. He speaks fluent English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosian, and will soon speak Albanian fluently. He and his mother are members and have been close friends with missionaries throughout their time in the church.
Elder Stewart and Elder Grey
We are accompanied by Elders Grey and Stewart in our district. Elder Stewart and I worked together when we were in Elbasan. He is from Alberta, Canada (which we will just have to deal with... Canadians...) Elder Stewart is awesome. Elder Grey is from Morgan, Utah and was a all-around talented athelete in High

School. Elder Grey served in Vlorë with my close friend Elder Lee who is now Zone Leader in Tirana. I am very excited to work with all of these wonderfully talented Elders.
The great missionary influence of Elder Wagstaff (2nd from the left) will be felt for a long time through these elders.  Elder Wagstaff trained or their trainees trained this group of elders.

I must be short this week but know that I have a testimony of the work which we are doing. I know that it is a priesthood duty that we have to spread the good news of the gospel across the world and I encourage all to take part in that work. I see the blessings from the hands of the Lord everyday and I know that God rewards his servants.

I love you all and can feel the blessings which you call upon us.

With great love and respect,

Elder Açësoni

P.S. I received a package that had been opened by the Albanian customs people. Make sure that if you send something, put stickers of Christ and the Prophet Mohammed on it. I know that sounds wierd, but that covers both our bases.  

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