Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

It is another beautiful day in Durrës.

This P-Day we got together as the South Zone
and played capture the flag in Divjak, a national park/beach. It was very fun. All of us missionaries were together and we got to run around this abandoned hotel complex. We got dirty (I slipped in the mud) and just had fun. It was a good opportunity to see everyone from the zone.
South Zone P-day!

This week we have had some great experiences teaching our investigators. We have a wonderful opportunity teaching a girl named Elda in the home of the Cani Family every week. Elda lived in Greece and is now here in Albania. She speaks Albanian very well but needs to read the Book of Mormon in Greek. It is very nice that the Canis have lived in Greece and originally were taught in Greek. Elda has a desire to be baptized and we just have to help her become ready.
The Cani Family

We are also working with Silva. She is a find through our English course.

She came to church this Sunday and had a very good experience. She comes from a very good Catholic background and simply has a desire to do what is right.
She has a baptismal date and all we need to do is ensure that she really gains that solid testimony of the gospel.

I want to tell you all that I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. It is apparent to me and to others if someone has received a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The Book is a tool which God has given us to (1) know the truth of the Restoration, (2) come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is, and (3) learn how we can improve ourselves as the Children of God. There are those who have not had a witness of the Book. To bring its words to people in the world is why I have come on a mission. I know, of assurety, that it is true. I have had witness of this. I invite you that you may help those around you develop a testimony for the Book and to continue to strengthen your own.

I quickly want to say that here on my mission I have come across many new friends and even brothers. Many of whom I cherish deeply and plan on spending much time with after the mission. But of particular, I have come to love and respect Elder Mitch Baker. There are those who are friends in times when the sun is shining and then there are those that are friends when hail and ice are falling from the sky, ripping into your skin and dampening your soul. Elder Baker is one to extend his arm above your head to protect you at his own expense. I love Elder Baker and know that he is one of those true friends that I will keep close forever.

I love you and I pray that all may be well with you and your family,

Elder Açësoni

Elder (Professor)  Acheson after English Class

Elder Asler
Elder Acheson 

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