Monday, March 24, 2014


March 24, 2014

Family and Friends,

Hello from stormy Durrës!

Elders Acheson and Bilodeau outside the library in Durres, Albania
We have received a large storm system from our friends up north and are enjoying a in-door P-Day.

Today we have enjoyed a wonderful excursion to the Durrës library. That may sound boring, but I can assure the reader that it was anything but boring. We had a look into literature from the communist regime. I flipped through a book printed by the communist government called "Shqipëria e Re" or
The Durres library
"The New Albania." It described a very different Albania than the one I have described to me by those who witnessed it. Many things have been forgotten in the painful transition to relative democracy. 30 years ago when the world was torn between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., some other places festered in their dystopian despotisms; Albania happened to be one of those places that was overlooked by the majority of the external world.

Another beautiful day in Durres
But we have had a great week in Durrës on top of a great P-Day. We found an excellent Seafood restaurant: Restaurant Riçard (Richard), which incidentally is right next to the Library.
Elder Acheson sure loves seafood!
There you can find a high quality, high quantity bowl of steamed mussels for a mere $5. Fantastic fish and expertly cooked fish, freshly caught from the Adriatic are available for the exorbitant $5 or $7.

Hekuran is on his way to being baptized. He has borne his testimony to us and we have shared some touching spiritual moments with him. He is excited to share the gospel with his family. He brought his niece to a lesson and she wanted to begin receiving the lessons from our sister missionaries her in Durrës. I am very excited for Hekuran's growth in the gospel.
Elder Acheson with Hekuran

Just today, we ran across a man in the street with whom we had appointed a baptismal date. We came to the conclusion after he disappear, that he had died. He is an older gentleman but we ran into him and we are excited to begin teaching him again.

Lunch? Anyone?
I love my city, my companion, my people, and my mission. I am excited for all prospective missionaries who will soon be joining the ranks of missionaries in the field. It is such a sweet experience.

I love you all and hope you have an excellent week

-Elder Açësoni
Anchors away matey!

Inside the library looking out

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