Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you to everyone for the birthday well wishes. They have all played into the formation of an excellent 20th birthday.
Today is my 20th birthday! 

My new city Durres Albania
Well to mark a new year of life I am in a new city. Durrës, Albania is a wonderful seaside city with an incredibly strong branch of the church. Durrës is arguably the strongest bastion for the church in the country. It qualified for a church building and will be one of the wards created with the new stake in March. Durrës is also one of the oldest cities in the country dating back some 3,000 years. The city is big and one of the more economically flourishing parts of Albania.

My new companion is Elder Bilodeau who has been in the field for one year and one month. Incidentally, he has served in the same exact places I have beginning in the Tirana 3rd Branch, Elbasan, and then afterwards Durrës. He is the trainer of my former companion Elder Price and just an awesome missionary.

Elder Acheson and Elder Bilodeau
There are happy aspect and sad aspects for me to be here in Durrës. I am sad to leave all the people that have touched my life in Elbasan such as Suzana, the Toromani sisters, Little Denis, and many others but I know that the Lord needs me here in Durrës.

Instead of being 100% male missionary district as we were in Elbasan, Durrës is made up of my companionship (Elders Bilodeau and Acheson) and two sister companionshps (Sisters Heathcote and Russell and Sisters Smith and Singer). I am very excited to working with our fine missionary sisters and I am confident that we will be accomplishing a great work together here.

For an excellent birthday outing, we took a little hike and found a relativly private beach, took lunch, and spent a couple hours basking in the sun, skipping rocks, and getting to know one another. The sisters produced a wonderful birthday doughnut and they all sang "Happy Birthday." It was an excellent way to begin my time here in Durrës and to begin a new year in my life.

The beautiful beach at Durres

I thank you all for the love and support you send my way and I hope you are experiencing blessing and happiness.

I love you all,

Elder Açësoni

P.S. Suzana's baptism is scheduled to take place Saturday 9:30 AM in Elbasan 

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