Monday, February 3, 2014


A Missionary in the field
Monday, February 3, 2014

Family and Friends,

The work progresses at a tremendous rate here in Elbasan.

The Proi Family with the Missionaries
This week has been a week of miracles and blessings from God. We found a darling family who have all committed to baptism. The Proi Family is made up of Fadil and his wife, Fabio, Fabiana (twins), Ryjnia, Esmeralda (the cousin), and the Nënë (grandma). We first met Fabiana (11) when she came to our Advanced English class. Despite being half the age of the rest of the participants in the class she reads and comprehends just as much if not more English than the rest. She and Ryjnia (10) came to one of Sister Tooley’s Young Women’s activities and made an impression on them there. Sister Tooley, basing her activity off of a talk given by Elder Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve, had all the young women bring their purses with objects that identify who the girls are and how they want others to see them. It was reported to me that the two sisters were very talkative and actively participating. When it was Ryjnia’s turn, she pulled out her favorite bow to wear in her hair; as it turns out, the bow belonged to Fabiana. Fabiana, as the graceful older sister she is, granted Ryjnia’s usage of the bow.

When the Proi family came to church, they were the star participants in Young Women and Young Men. Apparently, Ryjnia astounded everyone with her deep understanding of the Doctrine of Christ. In the discussion of the pre-earth life she asked “What else has Christ done that requires use to do something?” The question so profoundly struck Sister Tooley that she had all the members of the class think about that and write in their journal about it. Ryjnia’s answer was repentance. I am so excited to teach this family.

Elder "Lumber Jack" Acheson
We had a great opportunity to serve a sister in the branch move wood. Motra Shahini is a member that has been a part of the branch since its creation 15 years ago. Every so often the elders get a call to come and serve her by moving the cord of wood she has her nephew and his son cut. It was a fun change of pace to take care of Sister Shahini’s wood.

Watch out!
So I don’t mean to make everyone jealous, but we keep bears as pets here. We were driving with the Tooley’s through Elbasan and Elder Price and I spotted a man walking down the street with a bear on a chain. We had actually heard about the man with the bear in the MTC but we were told that it was so rare that he showed up that we would probably never see it. When we saw it, Elder Price and I yelled simultaneously “THE BEAR!!!” We quickly got out of the car and made our moment. I carry the Polaroid where e’er I go as a trophy.
The Bear!
Well my beloved family and friends, I wish you all another wonderful week and success in all that you are doing I hope that you may recognize all the moments throughout the day when the Lord extends his blessings so that you can act accordingly to receive the blessings.

All my love and well wishes,

Elder Açësoni 

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