Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Elder Acheson smiling for the camera
Elder Price

 January 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been another wonderful week in Elbasan. We have had another successful week with the work and I would like to share one of our successes.

We have an investigator named Elona that met with Elder Price for the first time the week before I showed up in Elbasan. She got a hold of our phone number by talking to a girl that she had seen with the missionaries before. She got the number and asked if she could meet with missionaries. She came to church the first Sunday I had in Elbasan. The next week she brought her sister Florida to church and as of this Saturday they share a baptismal date. This morning we met with Florida and she brought us a gift… literally a Gift. She brought her new friend named Dhurata which literally means “gift.” We taught Dhurata and she is very interested in learning about the church. Florida’s testimony about the Book of Mormon was the factor that I believe gave fire to Dhurata’s desire to progress. I am so proud of our girls here in Elbasan.

We started up English class this week and had stellar attendance. We have enough people that both sets of Elders split up the advanced and beginning speakers. Right off the bat we had people interesting in learning about the gospel from the first class. Elder Price and I feel so blessed.

One of the best aspects of working in Elbasan is that we have a senior missionary couple dedicated to helping the Elders teach. Elder and Sister Tooley are the senior missionary couple assigned to Elbasan and they are absolutely awesome. The Tooleys have this natural gift for missionary work. Their 3 previous couples’ missions might have helped them prepare but I am sure they were endowed with the gift of missionary work before that. The Tooleys serve in an YSA strengthening function but they are an invaluable missionary resource. Elder Tooley serves as the 1st counselor in the Elbasan Branch Presidency and Sister Tooley is the Young Women’s President. They have a gift of touching the heart of people that we simply don’t have. Sister Tooley has a way of attracting the girls to her in so much that she has to pry them off sometimes. But arguably the best part of having the Tooleys is the accompanying food. Elder and Sister Tooley both have quite the touch with good ol’ homemade American Sunday meals to ingenious homemade peanut butter. We are so lucky to have to the Tooleys.

Elder Acheson at a castle found underground in Elbasan, Albania
I love you and have been getting your mail and cards. I need to share a brief experience. I opened my mail received Tuesday at the center we have in Elbasan and my investigator Susana, whom I wrote about last week, looked at a Christmas card I got from my cousin Rachel Orme and her family. Susana looked at Rachel and said “Wow, she is really hot.” That made me smile.

With all of this I wish you an excellent week and leave you with

Kalofshi këndshëm (May you pass deliciously),

Elder Açësoni 

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