Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

It has been an exciting week in Elbasan.

Elbasan has been a nice change in pace from Tirana. People here move a little slower and are more willing to talk you. Though it is smaller, it is still an excellent place to be. The city has much wider and cleaner streets than does the capital. The boulevard at the center of the city runs right along the wall of the old castle which comprises a mosque and many homes and shops.
Elbasan LDS Chapel
The Church actually has built a beautiful church building about a 15 minute walk away from the center of Elbasan and rents a multi-purpose building just off of the boulevard.  

Elder Cameron Price and Elder Chase Acheson

Elder Price with LDS youth from Elbasan

I am very excited to be serving with Elder Price because he and I are from the same MTC group and have relatively the same level of experience and skill in the language. It is an excellent drive to really study the language knowing that you don’t have a senior companion who really knows the language to rely on. Elder Price and are I doing pretty well at the moment with keeping up with developing our language abilities. I have really come to enjoy translating actually. It is a good way of keeping you on your toes and pulling out passive vocabulary out of the library. It really has helped having to translate.

Ok a bit of background on Elder Price. Elder Price, with origin as Albanians say, is from California but his family has been living in Saudi Arabia because his father was working for an oil company there. He went to the BYU and will continue studying chemical engineering there when he returns. He and I actually had the same Political Science 110 class at BYU and probably interacted with each other.

Elder Price is just awesome to be with because I know that he is just as willing to work hard as I am. Not only does he work hard, he is really easy to laugh with. I have enjoyed every moment with Elder Price and I am very excited to spend this work period with him. I know that we will have a fruitful time together.

We also have a brand new elder to the mission in our district being trained by Elder Austin. Elder Stewart is a recently turned 18 year-old and a willing to work hard doing the work and studying the language. With him, our district is the youngest district in the mission. We have Elder Austin in his 3rd Transfer, Elders Price and Acheson in their 2nd, and Elder Stewart in his 1st. We will be hard working and we will enjoy every moment of it.

I am very excited to be serving in Elbasan with Elder Price and we are going to bring the whole city a message of joy and happiness like none other they have heard before.

With great love and gratitude for you all,

Elder Açësoni
Beautiful Elbasan, Albania

Around Elbasan, Albania

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