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MTC WEEK 9 August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

Family and Friends,

This is the last email I will be sending from the MTC and the United States. The Adriatic South Missionaries will be leaving the MTC at 4:30 am on Tuesday morning and fly to Dulles in Washington DC then to Munich, Germany and then to Tirana, Albania on Wednesday morning. We will meet with President Ford the next day and be assigned our first areas and our parents (trainers).

Briefly something funny about the Albanian missionaries: The MTC is the "Pre-existence". You are "born" in your first area. Your trainer is your "father" (or "mother" for sisters). Your "blood siblings" are those trained by "father or "mother." Your "adoptive siblings" are your companions (everyone ends up begin cousins anyway). And then when you leave the field you "die." And mission reunions are parties in the Celestial Kingdom. Fun Right?

We just finished our Consecration week. Briefly, it was rather difficult but an essential component of my MTC experience. 100% Albanian was tough but great preparation for the actual mission. I am grateful for the blessing that I have received by doing it.

This week we had Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speak to us at our devotional Tuesday night. It was very powerful. He spoke to us about the potential ripple effects that we have a missionaries, both positive and negative. an interesting note was that there was an electric storm going on and we were prevented from leaving the Marriott center. So we stayed and sang hymns for 1/2 an hour. 

Well I must thank everyone for the wonderful gifts and letters that I have received. I wish that I could receive post at a similar rate in Albania but it is rather expensive to send things. I do encourage using It is free and will get to me faster and with more certainty than other forms of mail. I have forgotten my address in Albania off the top of my head but it is on my Facebook. I will put the address in my next email as well. The rough translation of the address is "the white building across from the post office in Tirana." (This is an actual address and is an indicator of the superiority of

I love you all and have felt the blessings from your prayers.

Your Albanian for the week is a Shprehje commonly heard at soccer games. "O sa mirë me qënë Shqiptar Ohej! Ohej!" or as rendered in English: "Oh how great it is to Albanian Hey! Hey!"

Love you all,

Elder Acheson

Elders Ostergaard, Acheson with the zone leaders
(Sister Acheson's favorite photo thus far)

A winning combination!  Acheson and Ostergaard.  We are ready!

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