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MTC WEEK 8 August 22, 2013

August 22, 2103

Family and Friends,

We have finally reached Consecration Week. Our mission is speaking 100% Albanian from now until we leave the temple next Tuesday. We spoke our last English before we began our session at the temple. Additionally this is an indicator that our time in the MTC is finally coming to an end.

We are officially the most senior missionaries in the MTC. The Finnish and Estonian districts left this past Monday. They have been with us the longest and we were sad to see them go. More accurately, we were jealous to see them go. There is a certain commradery developed from being in the MTC for the same amount of time. But we filled up their empty slots with new Finns yesterday. It's too bad that both of the other missions in their zone have Consecration their first week and then we will be jumping ship directly after that.

Yesterday our district was asked to "host" new missionaries. Essentially it was helping get their bags to their rooms and give them a tour of the facilities. We have finally met the English missionaries that will be leaving at the same time we do. We have been anticipating the day when this group of English missionaries would come. We have had something like 7 different groups of English missionaries at the MTC with us.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me letters and packages while I have been in the MTC. I have appreciated your love and support so much. I received some of the most excellent gifts this past week and I want to express my thanks. Additionally I really appreciate the letters and DearElders that I have received. I really take inspiration from the stories that have been shared and I love the breath of fresh air from the outside world (speaking of, someone needs to send a picture of the new prince with weight, height, the whole story). It is really nice to feel the relief from Albanian and Gospel study; though both excellent things, it is nice to have a break.
But as part of Consecration Week, we give up something we value, a sacrifice if you will. The thing that I am giving up this week is opening letters and packages this week. That is not to say don't send them. I would love yours to be one of the letters I read and respond to after I leave the temple next Thursday.

Your Albanian of the week is how to start forming sentences of your own! This week is going to be 'He, She, It is...' Now realize that in Albanian, there is no 'He' or 'She.' There is only 'It' masculine and 'It' feminine. 'It' masculine in Albanian is 'Ai' and 'It' feminine is 'Ajo.' The Present tense form of 'is' is 'është.' Let's begin.

'It is good' becomes 'Ai (Ajo) është mirë.' 'He is fun' becomes 'Ai është qefë.' 'She is beautiful' becomes 'Ajo eshtë bukur.'
You now know who to say three complete sentences in Albanian! We are now on the same level.

I love you all and thank you for your continued support. As always, I encourage you to write and tell me what's going on. I would love to hear from everyone. The fastest (same day), and cheapest (free) method of communicating is through
I love you and I hope all is well with everyone.

Elder Acheson
The Sister Missionaries in our district: Motra LeBlow, Motra Smith, also Elder Ostergaard,and Elder Acheson

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