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MTC WEEK 7 August 15, 2013

Aug 15th, 2013

Family and Friends!

Things are speeding up here in the MTC. Today marks 6 days until Consecration week (where I only can speak Albanian) and then I leave the MTC on the 3rd of September. The Estonians and the Finns in our zone are shipping out this next Monday. Our Zone is going to be reduced by half. When they leave we will be the most senior missionaries on the West Campus and well pretty much for the entire MTC (except for the few Tahitian missionaries who spend 6 weeks learning French, then 6 weeks learning Tahitian in French).
The Provo Temple opened up this past week and we finally have been able to go. Our whole zone did a session together and ate breakfast in the temple cafeteria. Later my companion Elder Ostergaard, whom was asked to accompany 2 Spanish sisters singing a duet, went to the MTC East and performed for the MTC President's Wife Sister Nally and the Wife of the 1st Counselor, Sister Hacking. It was very fun to interact with them on a personal level instead of just seeing them sitting on a stand.

This past Tuesday, Elder Richard G. Scott from the Quorum of the Twelve addressed the missionaries at our weekly devotional. We didn't know who was coming and when he walked out on the floor of the Marriott Center, all 3,000 missionaries and missionary leaders shot straight up out of their seats. It was very powerful to have an Apostle come and speak. Elder Peterson, an Estonian missionary from my zone with whom I was on splits with, who additionally is a Marine, began crying but he felt the Spirit so powerfully. Elder Scott spoke on Prayer. His message was very powerful. But most outstanding was that he gave an Apostolic blessing to us, that those of us who had to learn languages might have the gift of tongues, according to our faithfulness. That obviously greatly impressed on me.

I would like to briefly share something I found in my personal study this week. While reading in Jesus the Christ by Elder James E. Talmage, I came a cross a phrase that he commented on and that I later looked up found in the New Testament. I have forgotten the reference but Christ says it to James (the first) and John (the Beloved) when they leave John the Baptist's discipleship: Come and See. I really feel that the act of coming to Gospel of Jesus Christ can really be summed up those 3 words: Come and See. It is such a simple phrase but expressed the mindset with which we, as humans, need to approach Come Unto Christ. Come and See what great works are wrought through Christ. Come and See what happiness can be experienced through the principles taught by Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful concept.

Your Albanian for the the week is the correct way to say the name of the church in Albanian. It is Kisha e Jezu Krishtit e Shenjtorëve të Ditëve të Mëvonshme. Or quite literally The Church of Jesusthe Christ of the Holy People of the day of yor (ok, its really days of laterness but yor is more fun).
So Albanians love it when people show pictures of their families and friends. If you have any pictures of yourselves that you would like to send please send it to me through the mail. I would love to have pictures of everyone. Just this past week I received some beautiful drawings from my cousin's little girls Indi and London. Send me photos.


Elder Acheson

Every missionary has to have this picture taken with "the map"

Elder Ostergaard and  Elder Acheson are always happy to get mail!

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