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MTC WEEK 4 July 25, 2013Than

 July 25, 2013
Family and Friends,

This week has been a great week at the MTC. We are beginning our 4th week in preparation to serve in Albania. Yesterday (Wednesday the 24th of July) we had our first SYL Day (Speak Your Language). We spoke only in Albanian for the entire day. It was rather difficult but worth it. We have gotten another baptismal commitment from one of our "investigators."

The Albanian is coming along. The phrase bouncing around in my head right now is really useful, so I'll share it. "Le të shkojmë" or "Let's go." The Le is pronounced just like "I lay this down." The të sound like a Southern 'together'. And Shkojmë is really fun to pronounce. 'Sh' like shush! 'Koi' like the fish and mmm like when someone says chocolate and you are like 'mmm'. All together it sounds like SH-KOI-MMM. Make sure to hit the K in Koi hard.

So this week we have meet our 3rd wave of English speaking missionaries. There are only in the MTC for 12 days and then they are kicked out on the curb and that's it. It's tough for me to imagine because not only are we having a lot of Albanian, we are having a lot of Gospel instruction as well. I pity them because they don't have the opportunity to have some of the deeper spiritual experiences from spending a lot of time in the MTC. But then again they will have 7 1/2 more weeks of work under their belts when it all over. It has been rumored to us that the Church is cutting off 3 weeks of our mission. We don't know whether or not to believe that but we will work no matter what.
I love you all and don't forget that I respond to letters and love getting them!
Ju dua

Elder Acheson

Thanks for the Licorice.  My favorite!

We are good looking and ready to serve!

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